How to Ace Your Home Offer in a Competitive Housing Market

Are you putting in a home offer? This brief blog post will help walk you through what you should know so you can ace your home offer in a competitive market
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It might take a few weeks or months to find the right house. But when you set your sights on the house of your dream what does happen? When and how do you make an offer? What should you do to boost your chances with the seller, most especially in a competitive housing market? You can ace your home offer with the few tips we’ve got for you below.

Home Offer

How to Make an Offer on a House

Get a mortgage pre-approval: preapproval is a dress rehearsal for your mortgage. This uses your actual income and credit information to calculate how much home you qualify for and you provide proof that you are qualified to buy the home.

Getting pre-approved for your mortgage is the first step to making an offer on a house. For you to get pre-approved, you will provide some basic income and credit information and the estimated purchase price you are looking at. You will receive details like interest rate, monthly payment amount, closing cost estimates, and the purchase price you qualify for you once the lenders review the numbers. When making an over on a house always include your pre-approval letter. Most sellers only welcome an offer that includes a pre-approval letter.

Home search begins: It is time to begin the home search, once you’re pre-approved. You can start by browsing listings online, working with your real estate agent to schedule tours and attend open houses, and setting up listing alerts on various real estate platforms. You need to dig deep into the data when you find a home you like. Here are some tips to help you make the best, most competitive offer.

  • How long has the current owner lived there
  • How long has it‘s been out for sale on the market
  • What is the state of the neighborhood

The more informed you are about a home, its location, and its history, the better your offer will be. You are not alone in this remember, an expert in this area is your real estate agent, allowing them to guide you will help you.

Avoid those who break the deal: if you want the best shot at scoring your dream home, avoid common deal-breakers, it’s wise to know what pitfalls to avoid. Deal breakers can include too many asking for personal property, demanding a really fast closing date, another potential turn-off off to sellers. You need to work with your real estate agent to craft an offer that shows you’re willing to compromise.

Make findings on the market and the seller: you can do a comparative market analysis using your buyer’s agent to help you find the fair market value of homes you’re considering.

But there is more to market research than finding a fair offer price. You may unearth valuable intel about the homeowner’s motivations for selling if you or your agent search public records and real estate listings. Through this, you can set a winning offer for less money. 

Write an offer letter: once you have an offer amount, it’s time you write your offer which can be written by you or you have your real estate agent so for you. One helpful tip to keep in mind is, for you to get your offer accepted make sure it has few contingencies. Get it submitted, and await a positive response.

When writing an offer, you must have a good real estate agent who can help you analyze the market in and out to write a strong offer that cannot be rejected.

Home Offer
Write an Offer Letter

Exercise patience while the seller reviews your offer: it’s the worst part but very necessary. Wait for a response from your seller. Don’t get too anxious during the waiting time.

Get a response: if your offer is accepted, you can proceed with your mortgage lender and start scheduling the necessary documents.

We hope you found these tips helpful and informative! Follow our blog or find more helpful tips below!

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