Buying A Home | Rain, Sun, & Other Weather Issues

When you are buying a home, it can be easy to overlook the weather. Does the neighborhood flood? Does the sunroom get any sun? Find out more by reading the guide below.
New modern screened porch with patio furniture, summertime woods in the background.

When buying a home, there are a number of weather issues to consider. 

If a sunroom or deck is a “must” for you, you better make sure it is going to be sunny. Just because the general geographic area has a lot of sun, it does not mean that your home will. Some things to look for include fog, and heavy cloud cover for a home in a valley. If the home is located on the side of a hill, or valley, make sure you know when it will get sun and shade. The amount of sun you get can radically change the temperatures.

You’ve heard the phrase “when it rains, it pours”. On potential nasty surprise for new homeowners can be the condition of a neighborhood after it rains. Some properties can turn to bodies of water after a rain and depending on the property, this could happen with little amounts of rain.

You also need to consider the road conditions as well after it rains. Do the roads flood? This can be a major issue if you get stuck at home when it rains. Make sure you stop by a gas station or local store to ask about problems like these in the area. You can also post it on your social media & get some feedback from your friends and family.

People have been known to enjoy a good boating trip or even a day at the pool, but I am pretty sure we all can agree we don’t want that water knocking on our front door. Still, thousands of people every year buy homes in flood plains without even knowing it. Eventually, this can lead to a disaster when heavy rains come and you find out the reason they call it a flood plain.

Unlike streets with bad drainage, floods are much more damaging. When a river overflows, flood levels are typically measured in feet. Can you imagine the effect on your home after a flood that reaches a few feet in depth? Even if it’s only a few inches that get into your basement or 1st level, it can cause bigger issues like mold in the home.

Mother Nature has a way of doing whatever she wants. Make sure you avoid her grumpy spells by looking into the effect of the weather on your prospective dream home.

After considering all the different weather issues, it’s important to do your research on what you are buying. One common issue is flooding in a home–even if only for a few inches of water that seeps into the basement or first level can cause bigger issues like mold growth. When looking at homes near rivers with heavy rain, make sure they have good drainage and proper storm windows.

If storms come often where you live, be aware of potential hail damage when searching for properties as well! It’s also important to consider how much sun will hit your property so you don’t get too hot during the summer months. When choosing which features are most important to you & researching them thoroughly before making any purchases decisions, there will not be any unpleasant surprises. Make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck & stay cool out there!

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